Vision: Technical solutions which address our clients' aspirations in the context of environmental sustainability and an ever changing worldwide economic framework.

Mission: The search for excellence in all endeavours and particularly for opportunities where our clients can benefit by innovative OPES technology.

Values: Excellence, creativity and integrity.

Welcome to OPES International Pty Ltd

We are a client-focused Petroleum Engineering consultancy dedicated to developing creative and sophisticated solutions to meet our clients' individual challenges.

OPES International Pty Ltd

is a Petroleum Engineering consultancy offering a wide range of Reservoir and Production Engineering services to its clients. From exploration, drilling and reservoir engineering to economic modelling and field development planning, the OPES team can accept any challenge and deliver results of exceptional value to clients.

Our team is a small group of highly educated and experienced engineers and geoscientists who love what they do. We work in a friendly and collegial environment and pride ourselves on conducting good relationships - both in the office and with our clients.

A unique combination of people, expertise and technology makes OPES ready to assist in any technical oil and gas needs. The company has an outstanding track record in all technical and economic aspects of Petroleum Engineering.

Based in Perth, we work with a broad spectrum of clients - from non-operators to small independent operators and major oil companies. The projects and evaluations completed have been wide and varied and carried out in all parts of the world.

The OPES Way

"Set the objectives, undertake the work in defined steps to ensure an optimum product at minimum cost and in a timely manner". If properly planned, it is invariably possible to achieve 90% of the value by the first 10% of the work.

The core business of OPES International is described by the final products shown below. These are the result of diligent efforts by geophysicists, geologists, petrophysicists and a wide range of engineers skilled in specific disciplines, including reservoir, production, drilling, facility and economics. Whatever the study, it is the consilience of the components of the work which, in general terms, relate to some, or all, of the following:

  • structural configuration (reservoir geometry)
  • rock and fluid properties (reservoir characteristics)
  • production data and analysis (history of performance)
  • facility design and operations (exploitation engineering)


The resultant products emulate well performance in order to match history and generate forecasts. In some cases, a study may be limited to a fluid analysis to determine the operating conditions of a separator. In others, it may include a complete reservoir study to design a tertiary recovery system for an entire field. Whatever the case, safety, feasibility and risked economics are final metrics that determine the value which may range from simplicity of operability to risked net present value of the project.


Good engineering practice demands that each study be designed to meet three criteria: safety, operability and economics. In almost all cases, the OPES Way minimises both cost and time, whilst optimising the product, which is supported by the consilience of each component of the study.


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